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07:52pm 26/04/2008
Zombie Survival Quiz

Professional Zombie Killer

"Your knowledge, strength and will to survive are unstoppable. It would take a nuclear holocaust to remove you from the face of the Earth, zombies don't stand a chance." You may have a bunch of problems in your life, but zombies are not one of them. Your mantra is "Numbness is the path to survival."

Personality Test Results

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Holy Crap.  
10:06pm 30/01/2008
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Yay smart people!  
01:14am 04/01/2008
"For once I would like to see gay people standing up and fighting for a cause greater than their own. (If you can site otherwise I'd like to hear one). Us white, straight, men have to do it all the time."

Because white, straight men have many times had their rights suppressed and because gay people don't care about things like poverty, genocide, abortion, murder, rape, the economy and many more issues!

"I'm not gay therefore i would not know the prejudice the gay community experiences. But from what i witness day to day in life and on t.v., being gay is highly accepted. Look at MTV, how many gay people are on reality shows? Being gay is hardly out of the norm these days. SO if a person decides to live this life style, he will not be crucified as bad as you depict."

Because life on TV is what life in the real world is like!

"I agree that same sex marriage will have a snowball effect. Is it a 30 year old mans right to have sex with a 12 year old girl? He was born that way and he did not chose to be a molester, and he can't help the way he feels. This argument is soon to arise in America."

Because a twelve-year-old-girl is a legal adult and it would of course be absolutely consensual because a twelve-year-old-girl would know exactly what was going on!

"i didnt say i didnt agree with your choice to be gay, however it IS a choice."

Because straight people know EXACTLY what it's like to be gay!

"marriage is DEFINED by the church and the government GIVES those rights to married couples due to their ability to contribute reproductivly to society, and by providing a family structure."

Because old people, infertile people, and people that don't even want kids aren't allowed to get married!

"Marriage is a formally defined institution based on an event which originated through religious customs. Come up with something else for homosexuals. Other than that I have no problem with giving homosexual couples more rights."

Because separate but equal institutions always work and always worked in the past! Yay for segregation!

Let's just make it simple and allow everyone to get married. You don't like that? Well. Let's ban government sanctioned marriage and only allow civil unions for everyone. Leave the marriage part to the religious institutions from which the definition of marriage was absolutely derived.
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Here is what happened to Chitt's mom.  
11:02pm 03/11/2007
Chitt's life really, really sucks right now.

Hoshit.Collapse )
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04:18pm 03/11/2007
Ok, as of two minutes ago I'm 6089 words in. If I was doing the minimum amount required I would be at 5100 today. I plan to get to 7000 by the end of the day.

Just a little summary of what's happened... kind of.

The pain toll is now: four human deaths, one devoured albino squirrel, a destitute dog that eats the albino squirrel, and a battered mother.

I don't even want to say what I'm planning for the mother. It just came to me right now. And it's UGH. Worse than death. Yes. She is going to be expelled. That was lame.

But shit! No wonder Chitt is going crazy!
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02:22pm 01/11/2007
So I started my novel a while ago. And it's only the second page and I've already killed someone. I guess that's what happens when you only have extremely vague plot outlines.

These are the first two paragraphs:
“You ignorant slut!” Her voice was shaky and erratic. I knew there were only three women from whom the voice could be coming, but I didn’t turn around to see who it really was. It could have been my sister, who was just teasing; it could have been my stepsister, who wanted to be as close to me as my sister was, but was afraid; or it could have been my ex-girlfriend. This option was the most likely because the closer I analyzed the voice the more hate-filled it seemed.
“You fucking ignorant slut!” Yes. It was definitely my ex-girlfriend. I had recently broken up with her, obviously. “Turn around and talk to me!” I waited to comply until her claw like hands gripped my shoulder with a force that could rip off my arm.

And this is my favorite line so far:

They are the epitome of the radical liberal and I could never live up to their expectations.

EDIT: Make that four people killed in the first six pages. WHAT THE HECK!!!???
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11:58pm 27/10/2007
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11:14pm 22/09/2007
Click me.

I haven't put a lot from school up yet. I'll probably put up the stuff that I like that I haven't put up after the first reading. So yeah. :)
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Umm... wow.  
04:29pm 09/09/2007
SO. After two weeks of being in school and interacting... I retook that personality test thing...
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Holy crap.  
10:55pm 26/08/2007
School. Tomorrow. Holy. Crap.

I will be at school in approximately eight and a half hours. BUT THAT'S JUST TOMORROW.

School starts at eight... normally. Tomorrow is orientation. Holy crap. School.
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